Enderr is a Deathcore band founded in 2017.

Based in Annecy, Enderr offers compositions sometimes inspired by brutal references, sometimes melodic, which will delight fans of modern metal, such as Thy Art Is Murder, As I Lay Dying, Gojira, August Burns Red, Whitechapel, All Shall Perish, to not cite anyone other than them …

At the end of 2021, the group landed at the “Studio du Lac” in Annecy, with the accompaniment of Arnaud Ménard at the helm, for the recording of their first album. An 11-track titled “Seeds of Darkness” released on November 4, 2022 on all streaming platforms and on physical support. Each title invites you into the dark and tormented universe of the group.

Enderr means “to dream” in Albanian. With its English sounding (with the word “end”), it is also reminiscent of the “end”. Contemplating the end of an era when you can no longer say anything without offending anyone. A time of a reality that seems shifted.

Energetic, destructive and melodious tracks sprinkled with guttural singing, rhythms filled with sixteenth notes, well-placed blasts and the double pedal to unhook the cervical, Enderr will take you on board in his universe between dream and chaos, and will know how to wake you up ! We will have warned you !